Imperfect and Conditional - Song 'Et si tu n'existais pas'

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Song from Joe Dassin (famous French singer who died in 1980, very popular in 1970's) originally but a remake from a (rubbish) rapper Willey Denzey who make it sound really good for the students... I used this song to practice in a light hearted way the SI + imperfect and conditional structure. Simple gap filling activity with the words available in a box! Hope it helps!

  • Et si tu n'existais pas - Joe Dassin, Willy Denzey - gapfill.doc
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Et si tu n'existais pas - Joe Dassin, Willy Denzey - gapfill

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CreatedOct 3, 2008
UpdatedFeb 3, 2015

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    user avatarantolubuya2 years agoReport

    trop bien merci

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    user avatarLB2283 years agoReport

    Great song with a catchy tune which I think will help them remember the imperfect, thank you!

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    Très bonne chanson pour cette structure grammaticale. Merci beaucoup.

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    user avatarcleschot7 years agoReport

    great. Different and the right song I was looking for!

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    user avatardijon7 years agoReport

    Could be good. Thanks for sharing. Music always goes down well with my pupils. Thanks