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Imperium is a Latin course for the 21st century; unique, highly resourced and written to make fullest use of modern technology. Its texts follow the life of the Emperor Hadrian from his early childhood to his later years, as he became the most powerful man in the Roman world.

Book 2 explores the relationship between the young Hadrian and the up-and-coming Trajan, as Domitian's reign progresses. Hadrian follows his education in Rome, while campaigns against the Dacians are threatening the Empire and slugs are threatening the radish patch. Eventually, Hadrian sees his sister Domitia Paulina married off to the much older Servianus.

This full text of Book 2 can be used freely by students and teachers, though copying and pasting has been disabled. Users are encouraged to deploy other resources alongside the text, such as the Site Support Pack or other files. For details, see:

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