The lesson examines the impact inspirational figures have on society. The lesson has pace and a variety of activities to get through. The lesson could be adapted for KS4 too. Examines a wide variety of inspirational figures (some for the good and some for the bad).Audio powerpoint to use at start of lesson will engage students as they enter the classroom. Lesson plan needs to be carefully read before attempting this lesson.


  • lesson plan.doc
  • mlk.ppt
  • lower ability.doc
  • MT middle ability.doc
  • Mother Teresa high ability.doc
  • Starter activity.ppt
  • Bin Laden pic.doc
  • Osama Bin Laden info.doc
  • Osama Bin Laden.doc
  • Hitler pic.doc
  • Hitler info.doc
  • HITLER.doc
  • Joan of Arc pic.doc
  • Joan of Arc.doc
  • jesus pic.doc
  • jesus info.doc
  • JESUS1.doc
  • Lesson Plan objectives.doc

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    user avatarSeverineM12 days agoreport

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    user avatarrrud42 months agoreport

    I haven't downloaded this.... But wondering why it is called "Inspirational people" - when it features Hitler and more...? (I have read the description) Surely "Influential people" or even, "People who impacted/altered our world/society" would be a little better?

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    This was very useful in my preparations for a PGCE interview - thank you!

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    wonderful. Thank you.