Lesson plan, handout and powerpoint. The lesson started with the powerpoint going through the features of a set of instructions. Then lead onto time connectives Then made a potion infront of them using ingredients like honey for witches snot etc, food colouring and beetroot juice for blood. Made the potion on the handout so pupils could follow it as I made it. Then pupils were to write their own potion. LA i gave a blank copy of my handout to so they had the correct layout infornt of them to use.


  • Instructionssss.ppt
  • potion instructions.ppt
  • Lesson plan big write - instructions.doc

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    user avatarppower734 months agoreport

    Thank you - we will be creating our own potions for a fairytale character tomorrow using these.

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    user avatarsusiej5 months agoreport

    Great, this was really useful for our hot write. Thank you.

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    user avatarcjfuller1a year agoreport

    the Rachel Harrison?

    • user avatarrachharrisonReply from Author9 months ago

      I'm a Rachel Harrison....

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    user avatarchromatica year agoreport

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    user avatarclareneva year agoreport

    Thank you for sharing. This is very good. I have added an introductory sentence / "hook" to draw the reader in, as that was one of my focus elements.