Interactive Notebook (the alphabet, vowels, consonants, lower and uppercase)
This interactive notebook is divided into 8 parts:
Part 1: Cards, with definition and classification of the English alphabet. Vowels.
Part 2: consonants cards, lower and uppercase definition
Part 3: cards to practice the alphabet, lower and uppercase letters.
Part 4: flip flap alphabet book
Part 5: phonetic cards and the alphabet train
Part 6: uses of capitalization: flipflap strips
Part 7: cards with short paragraphs with spelling mistakes for capitalization.
Part 8: kids with papers to write lists of words with initial sound letters of the alphabet.

PART 1 - The first part of this interactive notebook introduces the English alphabet with a simple definition and there is a classification dividing the 26 letters in Vowels and Consonants. Students cut, color and paste The alphabet card with a warm and books. Then, they color the card that says “The English Alphabet has ____ letters” and write the number 26 in the square. After this, they pick the chart that says: “In alphabetical order, they are: a,b,c etc” and say the 26 letters of the alphabet. When they are ready, they pick the card that says: “five of the letters are vowels” and color it and pick an arrow to paste it below this card. Finally, students cut and paste the 5 vowels cards.

PART 2 - In the second part, the main focus is the classification of lower and uppercase letters. Students pick up the card that says: “Twenty-one letters are consonants” color the card with an arrow and paste them. There is a card with the 21 consonant letters. Students can say the consonants and think or write a word that starts with the same letter. After this, students have to color the card that says: “Each letter may be written as “large letter” (Capital or Uppercase) or “small letter” (lowercase)”. Finally, the card with all the uppercase and lowercase letters must be color and read it.

PART 3 - The third part of this notebook considers the practice of speaking, listening and writing skills. Students have to cut, color and paste the two banners related to lower and uppercase letters. Then, they have to say and tick each letter of the alphabet. There are two activities to circle lower and uppercase letters, one activity to complete the letters of the alphabet and ten little cards to listen to the teacher, mother or classmate to circle one of the 5 letters presented in each card.

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