A scheme of work to introduce science to year 7. I have created a booklet that goes with this which is mainly taken from exploring science which has not been included. The 11 powerpoints with these have also been added


  • Year 7 introducing science scheme.docx
  • lesson 1  safety ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 2 Rules  ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 3  hazards ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 4 measuring  ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 5 equipment ppt.pptx
  • lesson 6 bunsen ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 7 drawing graphs.pptx
  • Lesson 8 Heating water.pptx
  • Lesson 9 putting out a fire ppt.pptx
  • Lesson 10 fair test ppt.pptx
  • 201606211022.pdf
  • 201606211024.pdf
  • 201606211026.pdf
  • 201606211028.pdf

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    user avatarrosario18 months agoreport

    Excellent! Thanks

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    Please can we have the booklet to go with it as without it is not a lot of good which is a pity as this is an excellent resource and very kindly donated to the TES website!!!!!

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    The resources are wonderful,age appropriate and carefully laid out

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    user avatarcarolbyro2 years agoreport

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    user avatarS.Davison2 years agoreport

    Would you be able to upload the booklet you used alongside? This would be very useful