Koala Bears - PowerPoint & Activities
Koalas PPT:
Interesting and fun facts all about koala bears. Learn about koalas in this nonfiction resource for teachers, students, and parents! Challenge the kids with some higher level thinking activities designed to hone problem solving skills.

This informative and dynamic PowerPoint presentation illustrates and explains the koalas'...
- habitat
- diet
- appearance and physical characteristics
- classification as a mammal and marsupial
- senses
- reproduction behaviors
- life cycle
- special adaptations and claws
- various species
- predators and dangers
- threats
- self-defense
- some fun facts
- and much more.
It begins with a riddle and ends with a few higher-level thinking writing activities.

Please feel free to email me directly at r_nyg@yahoo.com if you need any assistance.

This was created by Ryan Nygren.

Photo credits are found at the end of the presentation.
The cover photo by Yvonne N and it's attribution link can be found here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/yvonne_n_1968/526254640/in/photolist-NvcaS-5hPtST-5h4aur-5gUzEM-5gY78b-mdwLBr-5h3HLD-kZSUcz-5gY56u-9cJHCk-69Ve2Z-psKyaq-pKed17-pH4vnN-7UFWXb-8sCtgB-5TBRCJ-5Txykx-pqccQS-89H3JW-dq4PsZ-332MLy-bomwa8-fSs91P-dxAgQV-5TBU2f-dKWw4p-dq4Q5x-dq4Vru-dq4LUe-dq51wd-dq4Pja-dq4PW8-dq4Z6U-dq4MYH-dq4Ws5-dq4X6W-9hkncv-eGPwex-5h5SQR-buhk7K-6y6jui-6yasfW-pgAMiv-bteHE9-5TBT5q-5TBSry-5TBSib-dq4WH5-dq4Xvw
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