First part of a project teaching KS3 Y7 & Y8 how to analyse and research the way we play games and start to create their own games using Kodu. This project goes through the design process of the students designing a game and creating it using the kodu software. This project does not have detailed help sheets of how to make games in kodu. Useful tutorials can be found in the software itself. Please don’t leave unhelpful feedback when you haven’t read the resources properly.


  • assessment_diary.xlsx
  • games_design_bell_task.docx
  • games_design_l1.pptx
  • games_design_l2.pptx
  • games_design_l3.pptx
  • games_design_l4.pptx
  • games_design_l5.pptx

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3 Reviews

  • user avatardiana18043 years agoreport

    Not sure if right files have been uploaded but as previous reviewer states none of the 5 Games Design PPT relate to Kodu as per their title slide. Thanks - sorry not to be more positive.

  • Five lessons entitled "Game Design" and not one of them involves children using Kodu! Really?

  • 4

    thank you for sharing these amazing resources!