KS2 Rounding Off Whole Numbers to the Nearest Ten

Rounding off numbers is an important part of Maths and a very handy tool for everyday life. This presentation is a great way to introduce rounding off numbers to the nearest ten followed by few examples. You may ask you pupils as to how they derive the answer. By learning rounding off, it gets them in the habit of estimating amounts of money, lengths of time, distances, decimals and many other physical quantities. Rounding off numbers is an important concept to learn before you pupils starts doing more complex. Hope you find it useful.


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  • Fab PPT, thank you!

  • Aime3 years agoReport

    Good ppt, I am going to use this thanks. On the pdf the 1st example sentence at the end where it mentions rounding 53 to the nearest ten needs to be changed as it states that the nearest ten is 60. This is editable on the ppt but not on the pdf. Thanks.

  • ciaramoll4 years agoReport

    Thanks, a lovely powerpoint to consolidate a simple but very useful concept