KS3 Fractions and Percentages (Year 8 – Unit 9)

Worksheets and activities. The topic of Fractions and Percentages from the Year 8 book of the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP). For information about these resources and an index for the whole collection please visit http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/CIMT.htm Keywords: Fraction, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Numerator, Denominator, Percentage, Convert, Equivalent, VAT, Increase, Decrease, Reverse, Context.


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  • Thank you for sharing. Very nice and clear resouces.

  • Henvig6 months agoReport

    I am most grateful for this set of resources, Just remember that some of the questions have dated now e.g. Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

  • how to download this? i cant open the file

  • Excellent resources for teaching fractions and percentages with so many different teaching resources together in one location. Many Thanks for sharing.