Find the missing angles in each of the polygons. Students will need to know how to work out the total angle sum in each polygon before they attempt this worksheet. Angles are all multiples of 5 so this could be done without a calculator. Finishes with some work on regular polygons.


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Created: Jan 15, 2012

Updated: Jan 20, 2015

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    A helpful practice sheet - with a variety of questions for the students to practice finding the total of the angles before finding the missing angle.

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    Great resource for my foundation students

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    user avatarcampfire1236 months agoreport

    Nice and clear diagrams, put this on my power point and the students could read it from the back of class.

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    user avatarmrwurly7 months agoreport

    Lovely resource, thank you.

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    user avatardaniquinn7 months agoreport

    Great diagrams, really clear. Will be a good exercise for pupils. Thanks!