Mr. Hassan History Resources
Mr. Hassan History Resources
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My name is Andy and I make all my own resources. I love sharing them with other teachers so I hope you will find my mix of KS3 and KS4 (Edexcel) resources useful!

This ‘WW1’ bundle has been created with 16 different lessons (normally £32 individually) which include the following:

  • Was Europe Ready for War?
  • What Spark Started WW1?
  • What Was the Schlieffen Plan?
  • How Was Propaganda Used?
  • Who Were the Conscientious Objectors?
  • Why Did Soldiers Fight in Trenches?
  • What Was Life Like in the Trenches?
  • Why Was Censorship Used in WW1?
  • What Happened at the Somme?
  • Haig: Butcher or Hero Source & Interp Skills Lesson
  • The British Empire in WW1
  • Was Gallipoli a Success or Failure?
  • Was the German U-Boat Campaign Successful?
  • Medicine in World War One
  • Why Did Germany Lose the War?
  • What Were the Terms of the Treaty of Versailles?




6 months ago

Thank you so much for all the hard work you must have put into these lessons. the power points and supporting resources are great.

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