Language for Literature and Poetry Bundle KS3 and KS4

Pupils need to talk and write about many aspects of the texts they use. To do this well they need to be familiar with the major technical terms. B & D Publishing’s two Language for Literature schemes of work spanning key stages 3 and 4 aim to give pupils a sound understanding of many literary terms. These are explained and illustrated by examples. Work is provided for pupils to do on each topic.

The literary terms covered include Acrostics, Alliteration, Anecdote, Clerihew, Epic, Imagery, Simile, Metaphor, Myth, The Ballad, Fable, Assonance, Autobiography, Cinquain, Cliché, Elegy, Haiku, Ambiguity, Rhyme, Rhythm, Kenning, Legend, Ode, Parable, Parody, Personification, Sonnet, Limerick, Soliloquy, Pun, Spoonerisms, Dialect, Dialogue, Epitaph, Onomatopoeia, Proof Reading, Proverbs, Riddles, Anachronism, Allegory, Diaries and Journals, Dramatic Irony, Hyperbole and much more.

Two packs are included - Language for Literature Series One and Language for Literature Series Two, with each scheme of work suitable for KS3 and KS4 students.

This bundle also includes Forty Favourite Poems Series One and Two.

Forty Favourite Poems Series One and Two each contain forty poems that are essential reading for all lovers of English literature. Series One is suitable for use with students at KS3 and Series Two for students working at KS4 and beyond. The copyright free text plus work on each poem is provided.

Forty Favourite Poems Series One includes: The Charge of the Light Brigade, Sea Fever, The Eagle, Silver, Inversnaid, Home Thoughts from Abroad, Snake, Cargoes, Sarah Byng and many more.

Forty Favourite Poems Series Two includes: To a Mouse, A Case of Murder, Toads, Dover Beach, Stop All The Clocks, Ode to Autumn, The Thought Fox, If, Ozymandias, Leisure, Binsey Poplars and many more.

The regular licence enables you to use this resource with your own students. Copy, edit and provide the material to those students you teach in any medium or format for the purpose of educating them and/or their private study/exam revision.

The school licence allows you also to share this resource with colleagues at your school.

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