Les couleurs - 3 lessons

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Introducing and using colours creatively with Year 7, based on poems by French primary children found online. Lesson 1: Presentation of colours and opinions. Lesson 2: Reading a poem, highlighting key features (nouns, adjectives), discussing similes. Pupils write first couplet of poem. Lesson 3: Preparing for independent working - dictionary skills, how to know if a word is masculine or feminine. Adjectival agreements. Continue drafting poem. 1 or 2 more lessons needed to produce display work.

  • Les couleurs poem sheet.pdf
  • Y7 colours crossword.docx
  • colours.pdf
  • Les couleurs introduction.pptx
  • Les couleurs poem.pptx
  • Colours 3 - agreements focus.pptx
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Les couleurs poem sheet

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Y7 colours crossword

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Les couleurs introduction

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Les couleurs poem

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Colours 3 - agreements focus

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CreatedOct 5, 2013
UpdatedOct 9, 2014

5 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarspenny22 years agoReport

    Great for ensuring challenge!

  • 5
    user avatarG_Lewis12 years agoReport

    Spot on for the new NC!! Merci!!

  • 5
    user avatarBg1232 years agoReport

    I too like the poems, and will definitely use them for my year 6 once I make the French more "user friendly" (I mean simpler ! Thanks for sharing.

  • 5
    user avatarsmatters3 years agoReport

    A really interesting series of lessons - my favourite is the poem lesson as it's demanding and engaging! I shall be using this with some of my Year 7s.

  • 5
    user avatarlisilu3 years agoReport

    A great series of lessons on colours - imaginative yet simple!

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