Level 2 and 3 subtraction word problems

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Two sheets of simple subtraction word problems using a variety of vocabulary, mainly TU - TU but with some 3 digit numbers. I used with low ability Year 4. The first page is slightly harder than the second page. I printed the appropriate sheet off for each group, cut them up and let the children choose which questions they wanted to stick in their book, draw a numberline for and answer - very motivating as they tried to be the one who had answered the most!

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subtraction word probs

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CreatedApr 13, 2012
UpdatedJan 12, 2015

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    user avatarhetfield10 months agoReport

    Thank you! Excellent resource!

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    Thanks, I have used this with the less able Y4. To try and help them with application.

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    user avatargrove13a year agoReport


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    user avatarkatyanne922 years agoReport

    Great, thank you! Very easily adaptable and some nice variety in questions.

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    user avatarmoomin1722 years agoReport

    Really helpful for making worksheets. Thank you!