These ‘Library Challenge’ cards were made for my class library, but they could be used in a school library as well. The idea was just to get the children excited about reading and properly engaged with the books, and they’ve really enjoyed working through the activities – an added bonus being that I use this work to decorate the walls of our library.

There’s a selection of 10 Library Challenge Cards, plus a ‘Library Challenge of the Week’ which just allows for changing things up a little without having to print and laminate more cards.

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Created: Jul 8, 2013

Updated: Apr 12, 2017

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    user avatarTigerlearn2 months agoreport

    Great way to get kids to enjoy library time - thanks!

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    I really like the font you have used and the colour of the cards am going to print them and laminate them thank you.

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    user avatarRo_Milli01109 months agoreport

    This resource is excellent whenever I take a class to library for the children to change their books and during quite reading time- I hand out some of the challenge cards.

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