Please rate and comment. This is a powerpoint and worksheet I made for teaching the limestone cycle. It uses animations to show the reactions including word and symbol equations. It ends with the pupils using computers to research the uses of limestone, quicklime, slaked lime and lime water.


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Created: Sep 9, 2012

Updated: Oct 2, 2014

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    user avatarpriya1111 days agoreport

    Brilliant resource. Thank you

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    user avatarStanley042 months agoreport

    Excellent visuals on the powerpoint. Makes the chemical reactions clear.

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    user avatardasventes3 months agoreport

    Great summary of the limestone cycle and aid to use along side doing the practical. Thank for sharing.

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    user avatarcbezzano4 months agoreport

    Great presentation, fantastic visuals. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarDJBennett8 months agoreport

    An excellent presentation that covers all the main parts of the Limestone topic. Thanks!