Literacy mats for use in KS3/4 Food lessons. Adjectives, Verbs, Punctuation…. etc. I tie together and have out on tables every lesson so that students get in the habit of using them. These have been shared wholeschool and departments such as ICT and science now have their own versions along with core D&T and textiles.


  • Food Literacy Mats.pdf

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Created: Oct 18, 2013

Updated: Nov 18, 2014

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    user avatarkenogungbile8 months agoreport

    Very handy and excellent resource.

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    user avatarNcube458 months agoreport

    Very useful and excellent resource

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    user avatarlesleyp528 months agoreport

    An excellent resource should be up in every classroom

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    user avatarskiangel9 months agoreport

    Brilliant thank you. All the literacy needs in one resource.

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    user avatarGateacreDT10 months agoreport

    Fantastic presentation, great resource , thank you for sharing