Food technology Lockdown ProjectQuick View

Food technology Lockdown Project

A 17 page booklet suitable and tailored for KS3 / year 7 - 9 students to use at home with little or no resources except the internet. An easy assessment rubric is included and this booklet should provide students with at least 20 hours worth of work.
Food TechnologyQuick View

Food Technology

A comprehensive series of multimedia materials to support the teaching of the GCSE Design and Technology Food Technology course. The materials can be downloaded as a complete Moodle course or as individual elements. The bilingual resources include video clips, animations, text and quizzes within Moodle and can be used on an interactive whiteboard for whole class teaching or by students on individual computers. The images included in this work, to the best of our knowledge, are from sources that their use do not breach any copyright rules. Please visit the NGfL site, linked below.
Carbohydrates lesson (KS3 Food Technology)Quick View

Carbohydrates lesson (KS3 Food Technology)

PowerPoint presentation on Carbohydrates. The presentation includes information and activities on: what are carbohydrates? short video on carbohydrates structure of carbohydrates (monosaccharides, disaccharides and complex carbohydrates) types of carbohydrate (sugars and complex carbohydrates e.g. starch) digesting carbohydrates High GI and Low GI foods Tasks are included to help assess pupils. A worksheet is included which corresponds with the presentation.
Food Technology KS3Quick View

Food Technology KS3

Range of ppts for FT_ KS3. All can be used as a starting point for your own lessons - full of images!
Protein lesson  (KS3 Food Technology)Quick View

Protein lesson (KS3 Food Technology)

PowerPoint presentation on Protein. The presentation includes information and activities on: sources of protein starter activity functions of protein structure of protein amino acids HBV & LBV proteins protein complementation Tasks are included to help assess pupils. A worksheet is included which corresponds with the presentation.
Food Technology Hygiene and SafetyQuick View

Food Technology Hygiene and Safety

This is a logic puzzle activity for learners of all ages and stages of Food technology. Puzzles not only help to exercise the brain, they also further the development of learners’ deduction skills, critical thinking ability and strategy skills. If working together, students will also use and grow their communication skills. One of the files included in this pack contains suggestions for use and differentiation of this resource with learners of all abilities. I hope you and your students enjoy this activity. It’s all a bit puzzling… Out of fairness to me and to reflect the time I spent designing these, please be sure to purchase a school license if you intend to use these as a whole school initiative. ©MosaiK
Food Technology fruit vegQuick View

Food Technology fruit veg

Fruit and Veg: Students are required to describe pictures before answering 2 questions in more detail. These 4 worksheets are ideal for cover, independent work or to fuel discussion between learning partners. Although the worksheets are numbered, this is purely for teacher/student reference as there is no particular order in which they need to be completed. How about laminating these worksheets and let groups of students work on them to create a poster with a copy of the picture in the middle and their answers written around the edge? Then ask each group to present their findings. This could result in a good class discussion… Now, are tomatoes actually a vegetable or a fruit? Why can or can’t bananas grow where you live? Please kindly respect the time it took me to construct the enclosed sheets. Fairness deal: I will keep my price low. In return please be fair to me and do not pass this resource to colleagues, unless you or your school have purchased the school licence for this resource too. Thank you. :) If you like these, please leave me a review and check back to see what else is new in my store at any time. Thank you. ©MosaiK
Food Technology Lesson on VitaminsQuick View

Food Technology Lesson on Vitamins

An investigation lesson on vitamins including a starter, link to a great vitamin video, table for pupils to complete as a group and 6 fact sheets for pupils to investigate and get the information they need. Extension task of class discussion about vitamins and an exit card.
Food Technology Lesson on MineralsQuick View

Food Technology Lesson on Minerals

Includes Updated power point 2020 This lesson follows on from my Vitamins lesson. Pupils should use the investigation technique to scan and skim information to find facts form the fact sheets on minerals provided. There is a short video on minerals a show me game and plenary. Also a piece of homework for them to produce their own fact sheet on water. Please leave feedback!
Food Technology Bacteria/microorganismsQuick View

Food Technology Bacteria/microorganisms

This is my 6 weeks rotation for year 8. It introduces Microorganisms . The lessons are very short with homework to enforce the lesson as we also have to cook and don’t have a lot of theory time. The booklet is designed to stay in school with homework sheets given out to be glued into specific spaces I have also enclosed the end of rotation test, answers and grading/leveling, recipe sheets (some evaluation sheets are re-designed from “Licence to Cook”) and evaluation sheets.
Food Technology - Designing CupcakesQuick View

Food Technology - Designing Cupcakes

Design and make task Designing cupcakes (Not healthy eating but a good one for designing and thinking about adding fruit and making things healthier) Pupils really engage with this activity. Fun starter Lesson objectives - focusing on the design outcome Peer assessment of modeled outcomes Specification Main task Exit card Nutritional Resources
Food Technology Mini BriefsQuick View

Food Technology Mini Briefs

KS3> Mini food briefs can be given to KS3 groups as leads for independent working. 4 different briefs that students can choose from to develop their own dish/product.
Food technology wordsQuick View

Food technology words

Game of popcorn, basically put all the words into a tub. Students have to say what it is when they read it out, if they get pop they have to put their words back into the tub. The student who has the most at the end wins. I use for my EAL students and they love it :)
Food Technology Solo TaxnomyQuick View

Food Technology Solo Taxnomy

3 Resources
Self assessment guides with solo taxonomy recipes and FT theory work that pupils can use to self assess their work. Annual Food Technology planning for whole academic year provided on a weekly basis for KS3 - 4 (SEN school). However can be used at KS2/3 only for mainstream. Includes a list of various recipes, theory work taking into account special events such as World Food Day, Pancake day, Christmas etc.
Food Technology GSCE AQAQuick View

Food Technology GSCE AQA

The resource is back into the shop ..... In the past had over 50 downloads and very helpful to revise for GCSE This powerpoint contains over 30 slides , all filled with loads of information that would help you get the best grades possible for your exams, What areas does this powerpoint cover ? - what is salmonella - information about different cutting boards - Loads of keywords - Food plates - All sorts of egg recipes - Religion and food - Buffets - and loads more ..... You will not regret buying this.