Macbeth (2011) Teacher Pack

This pack supports the RSC’s 2011 production of Macbeth, directed by Michael Boyd.

The activities provided are specifically designed to support KS3-4 students (but can be adapted for younger students) studying or seeing the play, offering a deeper insight into the choices that can be explored through staging. The pack explores a variety of activities based around themes and these are designed to help you to plan your lessons: Activities explore: Macbeth's ambition; Malcolm, Banquo and Fleance; Macduff and his family; Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and What is it to be a man?

Activities follow the RSC's active approach to learning about Shakespeare and are driven and guided by our rehearsal room practice. The pack also contains text based resources and key speeches from the play.


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    user avatarEVinches3 years agoReport

    Some great starter ideas. Thank you, I'll try to adapt some for my French pupils learning English.

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    user avatarnewbie593 years agoReport

    Wonderful, thank you.

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    Thanks you!

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    user avatarkaramp4 years agoReport

    Exactly what I was looking for - thank you!

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    I'm confused! Is this a link to the shop where we can buy the resource for £38.50 or should this take us to the resource?