Maths Definitions Posters

A series of word files with A4 posters. File 1 - mostly shape & space definitions + factors é multiples UPDATED TO REMOVE INCORRECT “IT’S” !! ; File 2 - weighing, measuring é time; File 3 - more time posters; File 4 - angles; File 5 - decimals, fractions é percentages; File 6 - reflection, rotation é translation


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  • lancslass682 months agoReport

    Excellent resource. Makes learning maths so much easier.

  • Naziailyas2 months agoReport

  • pp0u20e83 months agoReport

    Really great resource. I'm going to keep these in a plastic wallet on my Working Wall so I can pull out the relevant definitions at the appropriate time.

  • hugo20155 months agoReport

    Excellent Resource

  • kmidwo5 months agoReport

    Really helpful. Thank you!