Maths Problem Solving Lesson Plan Year 5 and 6

Problem Solving, patterns and sequences, algebra. This lesson achieved outstanding by Ofsted today. SMartboard file is based on a resource I found on Primary Resource called 'Magic Carpet'. Please e-mail me with any questions:


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    I hate to say this: I used the lesson plan and resources today, Sept. 30th 2014. I felt the lesson went really well, the children were v enthusiastic, and worked with real concentration. Unfortunately, the lesson was being observed by the Head and Deputy. The preliminary feedback (more tomorrow) is that the lesson isnt "age appropriate" for Years 5 and 6. Will keep updated on further feedback.........

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    Thanks for the resources brillaint lesson! Some help needed though- I am definately over thinking this but what is the final formula for the Nth term? Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing. Just a heads up - the names of the children you are assessing are still on your plan... safeguarding mishap!!

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    Thank you so much for sharing, a great lesson saved me hours of work.

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Sep 30, 2014

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