My classes love these:

-I get relays printed in sets+laminated.

-Pupils work in pairs,run out to my desk,get Q1,attempt to solve it+use a whiteboard pen to write the answer on the card.

-They bring the answer to me.If it's right, they get Q2. If not I might give them another shot.


They're mainly number puzzles.Seasonal ones are perfect for keeping kids busy at the end of term.

I write a weekly Maths newsletter with other lesson ideas,useful websites,interesting Maths trivia-if you'd like a sample or to subscribe to get them for free by email contact


  • Valentine-Relay.pdf
  • Easter relay.pdf
  • Holidays-Summer-Relay.pdf
  • Scottish-Maths-Relay.pdf
  • Halloween Relay.pdf
  • Christmas Relay.pdf
  • relay 2.pdf
  • relay 3.pdf
  • relay 4.pdf
  • relay 5.pdf
  • relay6.pdf
  • relay7.pdf
  • relay8.pdf

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