Maths Vectors starter plenary powerpoint

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No longer in GCSE (for Edexcel at least) but in A level. Intended for use with interactive voting systems. Multiple choice starter/plenary on adding and subtracting vectors

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AE M1 Vectors

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CreatedJan 3, 2012
UpdatedJan 20, 2015

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    Great resource. Thank you!

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    user avatardwatson802a month agoReport

    A quality way to check understanding of Vectors, great to see this returning the GCSE syllabus. Some great misconceptions included, thanks Tristan.

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    Nice material to work with. Good to repeat in a fun way what they have learned!
    Just 1 question: is this not 14+ instead of 16+ ?

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    Good build up of levels of difficulty. Thank you.

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    user avatarogara66a year agoReport

    Can answers be put on the last page, please?

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