Mechanics:Connected Particles Interactive Activity

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An interactive Excel program demonstrating Newton’s second law in solving connected particles problems. Problems can be generated randomly or input by the user and the solution is revealed stage by stage. Ideal for use with a projector and mini whiteboards (if available) or can be used for individual practice/revision. You will need to enable macros to run the program (click on tools\macro\security and set to medium or low, then restart Excel). If in doubt, consult your IT technician. If you use this resource, please take the time to review it. Any comments will be carefully noted

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CreatedApr 24, 2007
UpdatedFeb 3, 2015

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    user avatarjodapson3 months agoReport

    Amazing resource. Ideal for my class of 5 in clearing up a few things. Much appreciated

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    user avataramyscuds9 months agoReport

    Lovely idea for repeated practice - thanks for sharing! :-)

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    user avatarbt2bn4 years agoReport

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    very nice mechanics worksheet. a lovely excel worksheet that shows the steps to solve simple connected particle questions --- will be posting this for students to use on our VLE.