Medicine in the Renaissance

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These resources are for GCSE Medicine Through Time teachers. The pack contains aoverview of the main charecteristics of the period and the way in which Medicine developed at te time. Accompanying resources allow learners to record teir findings about key events, continuity and changes at the time in a number of ways, thus allowing differentiation. The activities include examples. This resource pack has been used as an introduction to a study of the period and also provided to learners as part of their revision packs. It works well alongside my other resources on this period.

  • Medicine-in-the-Renaissance-Information-and-Questions.pdf
  • Changes-during-the-Renaissance.pdf
  • Changes-during-the-Renaissance---Part-two.pdf
  • renaissance-timeline.pdf
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CreatedDec 18, 2016
UpdatedFeb 20, 2017

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    user avatarNeocorvis2 months agoReport

    Brilliant. Thank you. So good.

    • user avatardmoorhouseReply from Author23 days ago

      Glad you liked it. More coming soon!