3/4 Cup Learning + 1/4 Cup Fun
= 1 Cup Success!

This is a great bundle for people who are new to Mr D's teaching materials and who haven't purchased other lesson plans from his store.

What will you get in this Starter Pack?
*Five power point presentations that include lesson plans, video links of Mr D’s teaching tips, and video teaching examples of Mr D working with his own students in a real public school classroom. Mr D talks directly to the camera to share ideas with you about how to present the material to your students to maximize the chances of success with your students.
*Info on how Mr. D sets up his classroom for success BEFORE the students show up for the first time as well
as help with the first 10 minutes of class on the first day with your students.
*Team Building games for your chorus classroom.
*Video links of parts of performances by Mr D’s students so you can see what types of repertoire he uses with his
Middle School Beginners to keep them excited about singing.
*Fun ideas on how to get your middle school students to watch you better when you conduct along with video links of Mr D coaching you through it.
*Links to many classroom management blog posts and YouTube videos to help you create just the right atmosphere for success for your middle school students including the well-received and humorous video starring his own students called “To Do’s and NOT to Do’s in Middle School Chorus”.
*Also as part of the “Middle School Chorus Teachers Starter Pack”, you get the first three power point presentations in the hugely popular 42-lesson sight singing series “S-Cubed Successful Sight Singing Program for Middle School Beginners”. S-Cubed is as much philosophy as it is method. S-Cubed has helped many teachers in their classrooms because it not only meets beginning readers where most of them are when they arrive in our classroom in regards to their reading ability, but it also helps the overall “fun factor” in your classroom. In 10-15 minutes per day, your singers will become fluent, competent readers with S-Cubed, and there won’t be any moaning when you do the sight singing portion of your lesson! With this sampling of the early lessons of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners, you will have a great start to your S-Cubed journey if you decide to continue with lessons 4-27 in the original series after giving S-Cubed a try in this starter pack.

How will this Starter Pack impact my teaching?
*It will help you shape your philosophy and approach to teaching
middle school children.
*It will help you create a nurturing, structured environment with your
middle school children.
*It will help you establish daily routines during the first 10-15
minutes of class and beyond.



 100% refund guarantee
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