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I planned this for my Year 3 and 4 children, a mix of different lesson starters or morning work tasks. Includes: positive and negative adjectives, change the adjective, concrete and abstract nouns, connectives, make a group of activity, and Odd one out - spot the verbs in the highlighted adjectives.

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SPAG - morning work

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CreatedMar 18, 2013
UpdatedNov 22, 2016

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    user avatarDunston20153 months agoReport

    I can't open this - do you have it as a word, pdf or power point file? I am sure it will be useful when I can access it - I couldn't post this without a rating...

    • user avatarjennyrose1982Reply from Author3 months ago

      This file is with smartboard. When i have time, I'll transfer to a powerpoint and edit the post. Thanks jen

    • user avatarjennyrose1982Reply from Author3 months ago

      I have a powerpoint presentation and smartboard file in this download now. Ta

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    user avatardanob57a year agoReport

    Many thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarannieroe2 years agoReport

    Really thank you for taking the time to upload this. Great for starters!

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    good for morning starter

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    user avatarthenewgirl2 years agoReport

    Great, than you!