Mountains - How mountains are formed

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An interactive activity that begins with a powerpoint and ends with groups of children working on creating their own mountain effects out of materials. Warning, need to prepare in advance for the activity. (Materials used for fold mountains are paper, tissue paper and thicker more scratchy type material to reflect differences in the earth's surface). Resources needed are crispy chocolate slabs, icing in plastic bag, sand, material, balloon and paper.


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    user avatarrcdwilli23 days agoreport

    great activity. Would have been good to have some notes on what the expected outcomes could/should be for non specialist Geog teachers.

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    user avatarAmelie-Loua month agoreport

    This is a really fun and hands-on way to learn how mountains are formed. Fantastic!

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    This is so creative - my class will love this - thank you!

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    Thank you.

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    user avatarcfitz342 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing