Multiple choice quizzes to help recall knowledge through low stakes testing. Answers included. Powerpoint included for those who would like to edit any questions

**updated 04.06**
Two more multiple choice quizzes put on. Re uploaded 150517 edition due to wrong answer.

Hope they are some use :)


  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-080517.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-130317.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-200317.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-240417.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-270317.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen.pptx
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-030417.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-050617.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-150517.pdf
  • Multiple-choice-thirteen-220517.pdf

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    Excellent. I just taken over a colleague's GCSE Higher group and this will keep them happy. Thank you.

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    This lovely resource has been selected to feature in a forthcoming issue of the TES Secondary Maths Newsletter. which can be found on the TES Maths blog at Thank you so much for sharing, you are helping to inspire teachers and students all over the world! Craig Barton