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This Murder Mystery Roll-A writing prompt resource will get your students writing clever mysteries with exciting twists! With over 7770 unique possible combinations, you could use this year after year and never get tired of the outcomes! Students roll a dice to decide the victim, suspect, murder weapon, scene of the crime and the victim’s shocking secret with this handy writing prompt resource.

☸ Example Rolls
⚀ -1- Victim: Wealthy entrepreneur
⚁ -2- Suspect: Known criminal
⚂ -3- Murder Weapon: Bottle of poison
⚃ -4- Scene of Crime: Behind the stables
⚄ -5- Victim's Secret: Was an impostor

⚠ Preview Product
Download the PREVIEW to view a demo with student-friendly instructions.

✂ Contents
+ A full-page sheet detailing the options for each side of a dice
+ Printable dice template (two dice per page)
+ British and American English versions
+ Recording and story writing sheet
+ Student-friendly instructional presentation

✂ Teacher Preparation Instructions
Ensure students understand the basics of narrative writing before implementing in the classroom.

✂ Suggestions for Use in the Classroom
You could print a copy to add to writing centres, display the color version on the board for a class activity or hand out individual copies to students.



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