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If you have a passion for music and love all things techy you are in the right place!

These lectures and supporting classroom resources form a full unit of material covering how Music and Sound are so greatly important to our society and the prominence it has played throughout history. The bundle covers some of the fundamentals areas and roles music plays and how this closely links with our daily lives.

There is a massive range of interactive lessons and presentations that would be excellent for music History Studies, Modern Sociology, and Music and Society. The resources within this bundle would easily cover a full term’s worth of work and could be used for GCSE, NCFE, A-Level, and BTEC level 1, 2 and 3-course frameworks (United kingdom).

In this package:
Music and Society- MEGA BUNDLE:

  • 1 – Generations and Their Music:
    A detailed account of music, technology, and society across the generations and how this has changed over time. Starting from the Lost Generation in the very early twentieth century and all the way through to the latest Alpha Generation (Presentation, two infographics, video, four worksheets, revision notes, and class exercises).

  • 2 – Music in Society:
    What is music’s important role within all of society and different cultures from around the world? At the heart of this unit lies the idea that music constantly interacts with society rather than simply being a disconnected static art-form unrelated to anything else (presentation, video, and five worksheets/class exercises).

  • 3 – Music and Politics:
    How do Politics and Music often work closely together? How do artists, bands, and musicians use their music to draw attention to important issues? What are Music’s influential power and its ability to communicate a message to the listener? How have songwriters turned to their craft when confronted with social and political unjustness throughout history (presentation, infographic, Listening worksheets, and research worksheet).

  • 4 – Music Censorship:
    An extremely detailed account of Music Censorship throughout the ages and some great examples as to why certain pieces of music may be censored. Why is music censored and what does this mean to artistic expression (presentation, infographic, and four worksheets with answers).

  • 5 – Culture Industry:
    What is mass media and how does it link with society? How is music used as a commodity for big business and what is the music industry? Moreover, what was the Frankfurt School, and what did Theodor W. Adorno have to say about modern media (presentation, and three worksheets with answers).

  • 6 – Music in Advertising:
    This lesson and supporting resources provide an extremely detailed account of how and why music is used with Advertising, and how it plays an extremely important element for a successful ad campaign. It covers topics like, what are advertising appeals, the effective of music in marketing, sonic/brand logos, how music drives a story, jingles and lots more (presentation, and three worksheets with answers).

Timeline of Popular Music and Music Technology-POSTER + eBOOK
This really useful infographic covers the full range of Popular Music and Music Technology from easily pre-1920’s all the way to the modern-day. This resource would be a really useful addition to students studying Popular Music and Music Technology History.

In this package:

  • Lectures (6 full lessons/presentations, each linking together, providing a full unit of work for teaching).

  • WORKSHEETS – All the lessons and presentations come with worksheets (some with teacher answers) that link with the lesson and aid learning throughout.

  • HOMEWORK – again many of the lessons also come with additional learning research tasks, also with answers sheets to support.

  • REVISION + INFOGRAPHICS - There are also additional worksheets to aid student learning and allow for revising.

  • VIDEO EXAMPLES– some of the presentations and lessons also have connected audio examples and embedded YouTube videos to support learning.

WARNING – Before you buy this resource PLEASE READ!
Some of the musical examples may have offensive language within the lyrics. It is the teacher/lecturer’s responsibility to monitor and check before engaging with learners. We have tried to ensure that music examples are suitable for all classrooms, but this really depends on the learning environment and age range of your learners. Thank you for understanding!


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