Music Production eBooks-BUNDLE

Music Production eBooks

This fantastic bundle a great collection of guides for teaching and learning Music studio recording and production. An excellent tool for research, revision and to support learning with any studio or production lesson. Moreover, a lifelong tool to reference and develop production skills.

Items Included:

  • Common Studio FXs
  • Glossary of Music Technology
  • Timeline of Popular Music and Music Technology

What is covered?..

BOOK ONE: Common Studio FXs:
This e-book offers detailed information regarding Audio Compression, EQ, Reverb and Noise Gates.


  • What is Dynamic Range and why we need to control it.
  • Threshold control and what it does
  • Ratio and the amount of compression
  • Gain and the Output Level
  • Attack, Release and Auto controls on an Audio Compressor
  • Knee and how it works
  • Peak and RMS settings
  • What is Side Chaining?
  • De-essing and how to use
  • Ducking FX and how to use
  • Parallel Compression and the New York Mix technique
  • Link to FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO on compression

EQ and Controlling Frequency:

  • How is EQ used in Live and Studio settings
  • The Frequency/Audio Spectrum
  • Human Hearing bands
  • Parametric EQ and how it works
  • Graphic EQ and how it works
  • Different types of EQ Filters

Reverb and adding “Space” to a Mix:

  • What is Reverb and how does it work?
  • Early Reflections explained
  • When to add Reverb
  • The many types of Reverb
  • Spring and Plate
  • Reverse Reverb
  • Hall Reverb
  • Reverb Control Parameters

Noise Gates:

  • What is an Audio Noise Gate?
  • Noise Gate Parameters
  • Side Chaining with Gates

BOOK TWO: Glossary of Music Technology:
This e-book and PowerPoint presentation cover a wide range of terms and vocabulary for Music and Music Technology. The list is extensive and with great detail on a full list of useful terms, each with an easy and straightforward definition.

This Resource would be really useful for any student or teacher working within a Music or Music Technology department, but also extremely valuable and convenient for home/self-study revision. The e-Book also comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, allowing it to be used along side other resources within a lesson.

BOOK THREE: Timeline of Popular Music and Music Technology:
This really useful infographic, covers the full range of Popular Music and Music Technology from easily pre-1920’s all the way to the modern day. This resource would be a really useful addition to student’s studying popular Music and Music Technology History.

BONUS! – Common Record Techniques
This guide to Common Recording Techniques will help you record all instruments to a higher and more professional standard. Giving you all the skills you need.

If you don’t get the recording perfect then no-matter what you do at the mixing stage it will sound bad. This guide will help you better understand the basics of recording to ensure you get a top quality sound.
Covered in ‘Common Recording Techniques’;

  • Audio chain, following the patch of the sound
  • Dynamic microphones
  • Condenser microphones
  • How to record drums
  • Recording Bass and Electric guitars
  • Getting a better sound for acoustic guitars
  • How to mic a piano
  • Recording vocals
  • Important words to remember when recording


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