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I create interactive elearning resources for studying music. Through a variety of musical activities such as drag and drop exercises and matching pairs, students have fun and are engaged whilst learning. All products are suitable for use on PC or tablets. Both versions can be linked to a projector for whole class viewing or the PC version can be used with a smart board for an interactive approach. Ideal for Wider Opportunities.

This is a growing bundle. Last updated June 2017. Students will love these interactive modules for studying music theory. Help is always at hand. When you have bought this resource, additional modules added are then free.

Order Of Sharps And Flats
Added Aug 12th 2016

Adding The Accidentals
Added Sep 17th 2016

Drawing The Treble Clef
Added Oct 3rd 2016

Tones And Semitones
Added Dec 5th 2016

Intervals In Music (Level 1)
Added June 2nd 2017

Intervals In Music (Level 2)
Added June 12th 2017

Key Signatures
Added June 22nd 2017

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