Mythology of the Planets PowerPoint
Mythology: This mythology Power Point is a fun and interesting way for students to learn about the Greek and Roman myths surrounding the nine planets in this 34 slide PowerPoint story!

Greek and Roman myths surrounding the Planets are included because the Romans based many of their deities from the Greek gods and goddesses.

This download also contains playing cards of the 9 planets which contain:
♦ Picture of the Planet
♦ Picture of the God/ Goddess
♦ Roman Name
♦ Greek Name
♦ Type of God
♦ Story Behind the Name

There are 4 sets of the same playing cards:
♦ Color Trading Cards with Information Typed In
♦ Gray Scale Trading Cards with Information Typed in
♦ Blank Color Trading Cards for students to fill in
♦ Blank Gray Scale Trading Cards for students to fill in

There are 34 slides in this powerpoint with the following titles:
♦ Title Slide
♦ Mercury Title Slide
♦ Apollo & Hermes: Greek Mythology
♦ Hermes: Greek Mythology
♦ Mercury: Roman Mythology
♦ How Mercury Got Its Name
♦ Venus Title Slide
♦ Aphrodite: Greek Mythology
♦ Birth of Venus: Clam Shell Version
♦ Venus: Roman Mythology
♦ How Venus Got Its Name
♦ Earth Title Slide
♦ Gaia and Chaos
♦ Gaia and the Elemental Gods
♦ Gaia and the 12 Titans
♦ The 12 Olympians
♦ How Earth Got Its Name
♦ Mars Title Slide
♦ Ares: Greek Mythology
♦ Mars: Roman Mythology
♦ How Mars Got Its Name
♦ Jupiter Title Slide
♦ Romulus & Remus (2 slides)
♦ Mars: Roman Mythology
♦ Zeus: Greek Mythology
♦ Jupiter: Roman Mythology
♦ How Jupiter Got Its Name
♦ Saturn Title Slide
♦ Cronus:Greek Mythology
♦ The Castration of uranus by Cronus
♦ The Great Fear of Cronus
♦ The Return of the Titans
♦ The Great Battle of Titanomachy
♦ The Ambush
♦ The Fall of Cronus
♦ Saturn: Roman Mythology
♦ How Saturn Got Its Name
♦ Uranus Title Slide
♦ Uranus: Greek Mythology
♦ The Naming of Uranus
♦ Neptune Title Slide
♦ Poseidon: Greek Mythology (2 slides)
♦ Neptune: Roman Mythology
♦ The Naming of Neptune
♦ Pluto Title Slide
♦ Pluto: Mythology
♦ The Naming of Pluto
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