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New Bloom's Taxonomy

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CreatedDec 16, 2012
UpdatedJan 25, 2015

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    user avatarDooble2 months agoReport

    Very clear and useful.

    • user avatarWillsonEducationReply from Author2 months ago

      Hi, thank you for your review, I'm glad it was able to help you

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    user avatarMikePower47 months agoReport

    • user avatarWillsonEducationReply from Author7 months ago

      Hi, thanks for your review, I'm glad my resource was able to help you

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    user avatarspaniel_d4 years agoReport

    Literacy coordinator below, be aware of the gramatical errors in the text before you photocopy and hand it out to your colleagues!!

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    user avatarDebgar4 years agoReport

    Thank you so much. This is a super staff training resources for a literacy coordinator. I can now work on other resources for different areas of training. You have saved me a great deal of time. :)

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