Number Line Mats and Bookmarks

Do your children find counting and visualising numbers difficult? Do they need extra resources on hand to help them work independently? Look no further than this set of 5 number lines with different scales:

0 to 30 with colour-coded 10 blocks. (Y1 to Y4 version)
0 to 20 with colour-coded 5 blocks and marked quarters and halves.
-9 to 0 with intervals of 1. (Y3 to Y6 version)
0-100 with colour-coded 10 blocks.
0-1000 with colour-coded 100 blocks.

Number lines are essential tools for understanding place value, addition and subtraction strategies, informal written methods leading to more mental calculation skills, and also for understanding the intervals when using measuring devices with scales (e.g. rulers, protractors, tape measures etc).

For best results, print, trim and laminate the four number lines or individually for use as a maths bookmark. In all of my classes, I created one of these for each child. There were able to use them whenever needed, and by having all four on one sheet made them a lot more useful in everyday learning. In a mastery classroom, this is the perfect resource for supporting all children.


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Created: Jun 16, 2019

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Creative Commons "Sharealike"