OCR A-level biology A : PAG student checklists and personalised guidance notes and HoD resources!

This bundle has EVERYTHING your A-level biology department needs to successfully implement the practical endorsement component of the A-level specification! I say everything- as everything in this bundle was highly recommended by an OCR official during a monitoring visit!
It consists of:

  • Student-friendly check lists for every PAG + additional ones we have made in order for the students to meet the skills
  • a summarised, student-friendly document of the OCR practical document showing the criteria used to assess biological drawings, graphs and table of results.
  • moderation activity sheets for staff to fill in
  • scanned examples of students work to use for moderation, to ensure staff are confident with assessing particular skills. Additionally, this allows departments to work collaboratively and collectively come to an agreement about how to assess the skills.
  • Staff questionairre of the flexi-tracker- this was a fantastic way for me to assess which areas students needed training on, I was able to see their confidence level at the start of the training session and at the end!
  • Analysis of questionairre document
  • Additional PAG activities for students to complete incase they have performed poorly on biological drawings, graph skills or research skills. Note- you will need to add these PAGS to the flexi-tracker and add/ update the skills.

Having had a scary OCR monitoring visit, we were highly advised to make PAG check lists for every PAG!

This has been a FANTASTIC way of documenting which skills students have met, and if not - why they did not meet a particular skill. It Also allows the monitoring visitor to see whether a student re-met the skill on a later date, therefore showing the examiner you are not freely giving away ‘mets’!

Not only has this allowed us to track student’s progress, but it allows students to clearly see which criteria they need to meet, and why they have not met it, thus allowing them to use formative feedback to improve their skills.

The checklists also has relevant maths skills, and a section where students can.

The moderation documents are essential and will help develop consistency in marking, for all biologists in a particular department. My staff were very pleased with the moderation activities, and honestly said how much it benefited them and improved their confidence in assessing the skills.

I truly hope this helps, it truly helped us as we were awarded with a pass for the practical endorsement- phewwww!

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  • Additional-PAG-Chymosin-experiment-6.4.docx
  • additional-PAG-Graph-question-on-catalase-experiment.docx
  • additional-PAG-Graph-question-on-wavelengths-and-photosynthesis.docx
  • Additional-PAG-RESEARCH-rate-of-photosynthesis-check-list.docx
  • Additional-PAG--RESEARCH-muscle-fatigue-check-list.docx
  • Pag-12.1--Rate-of-respiration-rate-of-yeast.docx
  • Additional-PAG-DNA-database-Research-check-list.docx
  • additional-PAG-wavelengths-on-the-rate-of-photosynthesis.docx
  • Additional-PAG-biological-drawing-of-a-cross-section-of-a-leaf.docx
  • Pag-11.2-investigating-animal-responses_-Daphnia-heart-rate.docx
  • Additional-PAG-dissecting-a-chicken-wing.docx
  • Pag-2.1-dissection_-Mammalian-heart.docx
  • Pag-10.1-computer-modelling_-using-rasmol.docx
  • Pag-9.3-Qualitative-testing_-glucose.docx
  • Pag-9.2-Qualitative-testing_-lipids.docx
  • Pag-9.1-Qualitative-testing_-proteins.docx
  • Pag-8.1-transport-in-and-out-of-cells_-water-potential-in-potato-cells.docx
  • Pag-7.1-Microbiological-techniques_-effect-of-antibiotics-on-bacterial-growth.docx
  • Pag-6.1-chromatography_separating-amino-acids.docx
  • Pag-6.3-chromatography_separating-photosynthetic-pigments.docx
  • Pag-5.2-colorimetry-or-potometer_Determining-glucose-concentration.docx
  • Pag-5.2-colorimetry_effect-of-temperature-on-membrane-permeability.docx
  • Pag-4.1-Enzyme-controlled-reactions_substrate-concentration.docx
  • Pag-3.1-Sampling_-Calculating-species-diversity.docx
  • Pag-12.3-Research_--pondweed-investigation-check-list.docx
  • Pag-1.1-microscopy_-onion-cell-or-mitosis-check-list.docx
  • Guidance-for-assessing-graphs--drawings-and-tables.docx
  • Moderation-sheet-to-fill-in-activity-1.docx
  • Moderation-sheet-to-fill-in-for-different-teachers.docx
  • Staff-questionnaire-on-the-Flexi-PAG-tracker.docx
  • Students-work-scanned.pdf
  • Additional-tasks-for-year13s-to-complete.zip
  • Analysis-of-questionnaire.docx

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