PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts- 4 FREE Mini Workouts

This PE Super Friends; 4 FREE Fitness Blast product is a sample 4 pack from Cap’n Pete’s larger PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts- 4 FREE Mini Workouts

This FREE sample 4 Pack and subsequent 27 Fitness Blast Collection can easily be used by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide their students with a quality fitness-based movement activity or warm up that they will absolutely LOVE!

This resource is made up of 4 distinct MINI-BLAST workouts that provide an energetic, looping movement experience for the students to participate in. There are 2 Component of Fitness-Based Blasts (Muscular Endurance and Balance) and 2 Cross-Training Blasts that combine the Components of Fitness in each mini-workout.

The Fitness Blasts can be applied in a number of different ways in a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity by using them as: 1. Fitness Station Cards, 2. Partner or Small Group Trading Cards, 3. A Power-Point Whole Group Presentation (using a Projector) or 4. Wall Posters. Classroom teachers can use the Super Friends Fitness Blasts as a Brain Boosting activity during those times of the day when their students just have to move!

Each Fitness Blast comes with 6 different fitness or skill-based exercise/movements that students will perform for a set amount of time. The Fitness blasts provide the names of the exercise and displays an attractive, graphical representation of each movement that will be performed.

The PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts were designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.


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Created: Sep 5, 2016

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