A set of activities, designed to be laminated and used with a dry wipe marker. Designs include drawing the spikes on a dinosaur and the wheels on a car. Use them to help pupils develop pencil skills. Suitable for workstation use.The same designs are also available as images. These can be used on any tablet or touch screen device, in conjunction with an art app or program, to further develop motor skills


  • Draw the Dinosaur spikes.pdf
  • Draw the flower.pdf
  • Draw the spider strings.pdf
  • Join the dinosaurs.pdf
  • Follow the bee.pdf
  • Draw the Wheels.pdf
  • Draw the strings.pdf
  • Draw the Balloon Strings.png
  • Draw the flower.png
  • Draw the Spider String.png
  • Draw the Spikes.png
  • Draw the Wheels.png
  • Follow the bee.png
  • Join up the Dinosaurs.png

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