Penguin Game +/- 10s

The aim of the game is to feed fish to the penguins in multiples of 10. Ch. throw the dice to see how many 10s they need. First they feed the adult and record the addition number sentence. Then the penguin heads ashore to feed the chick and they roll the dice to see how many 10s to subtract. There are some questions at the end to encourage children to reason about the numbers used.I made this to link to The Penguin who wanted to find out by Jill Tomlinson, hence the penguins are named. Instructions included!


3 Reviews

  • This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  • tloti3 years agoReport

    Fun game thanks for sharing ;o]

  • alphege3 years agoReport

    A fun game which will be good for reinforcing addition/subtraction of multiples of 10. I think my year 2s will enjoy it. Many thanks.