Percentages of Amounts Fantastic Trail

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Brilliant differentiated lesson to revise percetnages of amounts. Also is a go and find section where students break into groups and a competition to get the answer first. This lesson has worked very well Please let me know what you think


  • percentage amounts trail.pptx
  • percentage follow me trail answer sheet.docx
  • percentage follow me trail.docx
  • percentages of amounts - go and find.docx

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    user avataronitmaths2 months agoreport

    Great thanks

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    user avatarpaulcollins4 months agoreport

    An excellent resource involving a differentiated treasure hunt/trail. I like the student answer sheet where they have to tick which level question they have attempted, space for their workings and answers too. They obviously could select different levels if they felt one was too hard/easy for them, not necessarily completing all greens, for example. The 'Go and Find' activity is nice and competitive too and is definitely something I will try out. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarmosser4 months agoreport

    Just the type of thing I was look for - my class love getting up and about to solve problems.

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    user avatarKimba464 months agoreport

    Fantastic worksheet to calm students who require lots of attention.

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    user avatarSCAUSER4 months agoreport

    Great! I will use this for my Year 5 and 6s. Thanks!