Personal Profiles - KS3 - Handling Data

This a resource that students can use as data and then practice the methods of representing data. This excellent resource was kindly contributed by my colleague Natasha - Level 5 additional Diploma in teaching mathematics. It aims to teach handling data e.g. mean, mode, median and range in an interesting classroom activity to classify and categorise personal profiles e.g. age, hair colour, type of property etc.. and students use the info to draw their bar charts to represent given data. Thanks Natasha -excellent resource!


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    ASSUPARKa year agoReport

    great resource allowing for multi use . Thank you.

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    This is a great resource and I will be able to use it in so many ways with different ability pupils. Thanks for sharing.

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    knuttalla year agoReport

    A fantastic resource! Thank you.

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    bonserward2 years agoReport

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    Love this resource! Sent it round my department and got a display of pupils' on the wall by the end of the day. Suitable for all abilities going quite far 'down'. I have one suggestion for improvement, however: add another profile and then you can draw a pie chart for hair colour with 24 degrees per person, rather than 360/14 which is awkward? Many thanks, Peter

Nov 23, 2009
May 21, 2014