Phase 6: past tense '-ed' suffix, 4 different spelling rules for this suffix - table cards, ppt.

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Phase 6: ppt and table cards [including a set of cards with Sassoon font] for past tense 'ed' words - four rules:
1. just add 'ed';
2. double the last letter if there's a short vowel just before it, and then add 'ed';
3. if the words ends in an 'e', just add a 'd';
4. if the word ends in a 'y', change the 'y' for an 'i' and then add 'ed.
Can be printed on card or laminated for group work.


  • Phase-6-suffix-ed-DB2012.pptx
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--1--Sassoon-DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--2--Sassoon-DB2013.doc
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--2--Sassoon-DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--3--Sassoon-DB2013.doc
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--3--Sassoon-DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--4--Sassoon-DB2013.docx
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--4--Sassoon-DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--1--DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--2--DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--3--DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--4--DB2013.pdf
  • Phase-6_adding_ed--1--Sassoon-DB2013.doc

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