Phonics Consonant Letters b-c(k)-c(s)-d-g-j Photo Battleship Game
Phonics Consonant Letters b-c(k)-c(s)-d-g-j Photo Battleship Game-ESL Fun Games

Try out our Phonics Consonant Letters b-c(k)-c(s)-d-g-j Photo Battleship Game.

How to Play It:

English Battleship is a game for two players. Players try to guess the location of five ships their opponent has hidden on a grid.

Players take turns calling out a row and column, attempting to name a square containing their opponent's ships. The goal is to sink all of your opponent's ships by correctly guessing their location.

Each player gets a game sheet with two grids and five ships. There is one length 5 ship, one length 4 ship, two length 3 ships and one length 2 ship. Students secretly place their ships on the lower grid. Each ship must be placed horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) across grid spaces. Ships must not hang over the grid. Ships can touch each other, but can't both be on the same space.

Players take turns firing a shot to attack enemy ships. On a turn, students will call out a letter and a number of a row and column on the grid. Their opponent checks that space on their lower grid, and says "miss" if there are no ships there, or "hit" if they guessed a space that contained a ship.

How to Score It:

Students will mark their guesses on their upper grid, with an “X” for misses and a check mark for hits, to keep track. If a student "hits" an opponent's ship, their opponent must fill in the blanks, use photos or written prompts to practice the target language. If they don’t succeed they lose their next turn.

When a ship is hit, students will put a check mark on that ship on their lower grid at the location of the hit. Whenever a ship has all of its length spaces checked off they must announce to their opponent that he/she has sunk their ship. The first player to sink all of their opponent's ships wins.


Ships are included on page 2.

Answer Key Included.

Be sure to download our free “Accents & Dialects Battleship Board Game” sample from our website to try one out.
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