Photos of  'Spring in the City' - Amsterdam green Nature; free & high resolution, Fons Heijnsbroek

photos of ‘Spring in the City’ of Amsterdam free images of Amsterdam - the city, I live & love & adore

In Amsterdam a green urban revolution has taken place between 1990 - 2018. In the streets and on the squares…

The city shows now not only the public green parks like Vondelpark, but the Amsterdam people started their own green thing: front-gardens and guerrilla-parks / gardens and big plant pots on the pavement through the whole city.

I like to give you here by my photos an impression of Spring in Green Amsterdam and this green revolution.
I hope very soon a new revolution will take place in my city - a change for healthy air. Now the air quality of Amsterdam is poor and unhealthy. A first nice step would be: the canal-boats for sightseeing on green-electric!! Just like the trams and metro already do in Amsterdam.

Fons Heijnsbroek
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  • HouseFront-gardens-in-the-city-Amsterdam-2014.jpg
  • Green-growing-Gate-against-sunshine-Amsterdam-2014.jpg
  • Green-vegetation-attacks-bicycle-Amsterdam-2014.jpg
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  • Knotted-plane-trees-in-Spring-Amsterdam-2014.jpg
  • Rosebush-on-streetcorner-Amsterdam-2014.jpg
  • Play-tree-in-the-city-park-Amsterdam-03-2014.jpg
  • Hollyhocks-and-empty-shop-Amsterdam-March-2014.jpg

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