Plant Life Cycle : Unit with worksheets
Plant Life Cycle:

This science unit is prepared to teach all about the ‘Life Cycle of a Plant’ in the subject of biology. As we all know very well that life could not exist without the plants on earth. Plants produce food as well as oxygen for all of us.

This unit in the form of PDF file includes engaging, colorful, informative, visually stimulating and eye-catching photos and diagrams as per the topic need which rarely fails to stimulate a lively class discussion.

The unit includes 12 different worksheets at the end for the assessment of students knowledge and learning in class. Students may research different facts about each type of plant life cycle.

The unit involves the following Completed facts and topics:

1. Introduction
2. Life cycle of flowering plant
3. Seeds with basics
4. Germination
5. Sprout or seedling
6. Mature plant
7. Flowering
8. Pollination
9. Life cycle of Non-flowering plant: use of Spores and Seeds for reproduction
10. Gametophytes
11. Life cycle of Pine.

Exercises :
1.Questions & Answers
3.Question & answers based on Reading comprehension
4.Life cycle chart based exercise
5.Finding the correct order of stages of life cycle
6.Color-cutout-paste activity
7.KWL chart on plant life cycle
8.Writing words/phrases on plant life cycle
9.Life cycle of Non-flowering plants (seeds) based exercise
10.Life cycle of Non-flowering plants (spores) based exercise
11.Differences and similarities
12.Characteristics of flowering plants and non-flowering plants.

If you have any questions on a unit for quality please email me and I will gladly assist you any way I can. Thank you for your time and interest in this resource. Thank you in advance for rating and commenting on this unit.

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