This pack of three worksheets focuses on sexual reproduction in plants, perfect for GCSE students or could be used with able KS3 pupils.
The pack includes:
- Worksheet 1: Covers the structure of insect-pollinated flowers and the functions of the key parts of the flower. Great for students to familiarise themselves with the flower's structure and function of the main parts. Sheet is supplied in both colour and grayscale.
- Worksheet 2: Allows students to recognise the key differences between the structure of insect-pollinated and wind-pollinated flowers and how flower structure is suited to the method of pollination.
- Worksheet 3: Allows students to understand how fertilisation occurs once pollination had taken place.

All worksheets are provided with an answer sheet, perfect for non-specialists teaching Biology.


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  • Plant-Reproduction-1-Grayscale.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-1-Colour.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-1-Answers.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-2.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-2-Answers.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-3.pdf
  • Plant-Reproduction-3-Answers.pdf

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    user avatarabuzzybee09 months agoreport

    Excellent worksheets! Used with year 7 and year 8

    • user avatarbeckystokeReply from Author9 months ago

      Thanks for the positive review and I'm glad the worksheets worked well with your classes.