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These lessons are made for Year 11s reviewing the Power and Conflict Poetry within the AQA Literature Poetry Anthology. The focus of these lessons is on finding thematic links between the poems, not necessarily on teaching the content within each poem. These poems were made for a top set group who were asked to have revised / annotated each of the poems themselves and have a strong grasp of each poem before coming to lesson. Lessons focus on a) building strong ideas about the ideas poets convey and b) discussing and comparing how poets’ methods convey thematically similar/different ideas through methods. There is also a strong focus on AO3 and the context of each poem which helps students form strong AO1 ideas. Fruits are used throughout the lessons’ tasks to designate different groupings.

Context Sheets mentioned in lessons are not included, as I originally borrowed these resources. Any reference to context sheets will need to be found by teachers.




2 months ago

Would have been helpful to mention that the resources are on notepad which I can't open!

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