A fairly simple to use quiz - suitable for interactive whiteboards or individual computer use. Insert your own questions and answers into the right places, optionally add hints if questions are answered incorrectly. Currently set up for 10 questions (I use it as a plenary or revision exercise), but could easily be extended for more.


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Created: May 12, 2006

Updated: Mar 23, 2015

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    user avatarva_lja922 months agoreport

    Thank you .

  • 5
    user avatartanyachansam3 months agoreport

    This is excellent

  • 5
    user avatarroblinc1344 months agoreport

    Thanks for the quiz template. I was able to create some quick quizzes for students with very little effort. I will be using it again.

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    user avatarjcs735 months agoreport

    Easily adapted ppt. Just used it for a revision quiz. Thank you.

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    user avatarydharamraj7 months agoreport

    how to calculate the correct result

    • user avatarTwoShanksReply from Author6 months ago

      I'm not sure I follow. All you need to do it put the correct answer in the right text box and wrong answers in the others...